Wyndley Leisure Centre

I’ve not had a chance to swim at Wyndley Leisure Centre, but regular swimmer Dominic Riordan was kind enough to send me his thoughts on the bath. I’ve included them below:

“Wyndley’s pretty good: it’s recently been refurbished , although it doesn’t seem like much has been done. The lanes are quite tight, and it’s insanely deep at the diving board end, but there’s a kid’s training pool which is good.

“Overall the facilities are good, but i don’t really ask for much – just somewhere to change and store my stuff. Oh, and a quick shower afterwards.

“We use some kind of leisure card that gives us free entry – it’s a Birmingham Council and NHS initiative to encourage use of leisure facilities. Apparently it’s in use all over Birmingham, but noone else I’ve spoken to seems to know about it.”

Many thanks to Dominic for his help. I’ll try to get up to Sutton Coldfield as soon I can!

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